Loving Jesus, Loving People, Serving Both






 JOHN 16:33


New Beginnings Start Here!

Whether you’re new to Grace or just checking things out, this is a good place to start on your journey.
What to Expect
It can be a little intimidating to walk into a new place with new people and not know what to expect.  Dont let the unknown hold you back, we got you covered.
Upon Your Arrival
Most of our guests choose the Sunday morning service to worship with us for the first time, however, you are welcome to any and all of our services at Grace.  We start at 11 am, so try to get there a little early and sit anywhere you like.  If you and your family are running a little late, it’s no problem.  Just come on in, we promise not to stare at you!  Upon your arrival, there will be someone to welcome and assist you with whatever you need.  We have a friendly church, so expect a smile, handshake, and a warm welcome.  
What About My Children
We have a clean, staffed nursery for smaller children, but they are welcome to experience our worship service with the rest of us in the auditorium.  Don’t worry about them making noise!  We promise, they will not disrupt the service.  They’re just kids and we expect them to be kids.  Jesus loves them and so do we!
We’re just country folks, so expect to see more t-shirts and jeans than suits and ties.  Whatever you have in your closet will be fine.  We want you to be comfortable and feel welcome.  
The Worship Service
We will begin with a few praise songs and encourage you to sing with us, as we lift our voices and our hearts in praise to King Jesus.  You will hear old hymns and even some newer songs.  We don’t really care if they’re old or new, as long as they’re true.  There will be a time of prayer, offering, Bible preaching and an invitation, which will be followed by announcements and birthdays.  The service normally lasts about an hour.  No one will ask you to stand up and introduce yourself during the service or make you feel uncomfortable.  Don’t be nervous about being singled out or put on the spot!  We encourage you to fellowship with us after the service and get connected in a Grace Group.

Get Connected to a Grace Group!

Gracer Guys
This is our men’s ministry, and we keep it real, with plenty of encouragement and accountability as we study God’s Word together, at least once per month, and strive to be Biblical examples of Godly men in an ungodly world.
Ladies Of Grace
This is our women’s ministry, which meets at least once a month, to fellowship, share, and grow in grace  together through a Bible study specifically designed for our ladies.  Learn more about how to be a Proverbs 31 woman with the ladies of grace.
Illuminate Children’s Ministry
This is our children’s ministry at Grace for all “kiddos” Kindergarten – 6th grades, which consists of fellowship, food, and fun centered around a Christ exalting and gospel focused Bible lesson.  As God shines the light of His Word in us, we share the Light of God’s love through us.  
Acts 20:35 Teens Ministry
Our motto in Acts 20:35 Teen Ministry is the same as Scripture tells us, that “giving is better than receiving.” We seek to assist teenagers in our community to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and each other. We meet weekly on Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm. We also provide recreational events as well as service opportunities for our teenagers. 
Gracer 101
This is our discipleship ministry for new converts or anyone who wants to restudy or refocus on the foundational doctrines of the Christian Faith.  This is also a great way to learn more about GBC and how you can best serve in Kingdom ministry.
Grace Sunday School Groups
Yes, we still have Sunday school at Grace!  This is a great time to fellowship through the Word and grow in grace.  There is a study group just for you!


2330 Wilson Ridge Road 
Liberty, KY 42539
For questions or comments, email us at
2330 Wilson Ridge Road
Liberty KY 42539
Phone:  606 787 9966